2013 Capstone Projects

Molly Ortiz '13 - Teaching High School Science with a Place-Based Approach: An Examination of the Movement Nationally with an Emphasis Toward Future Local Programs

Emily Currie '13 - The Influence of Perceived Benefits from Wildlife Tourism and Human-Wildlife: Conflict on Attitudes toward Wildlife and Conservation

Spencer Duran '13 - The Eradication of Non-native Salmonids and the Reintroduction of Native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Within the Henry's Fork Watershed

Colin Elliot '13 - Smart Growth, Exurban Development and the Effect on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Luke Heinsohn '13 - What barriers exist to greater use of green real estate and what programs or policies can be implemented or improved to encourage such development?

Kerriann Laubach '13 - Determining the effects of Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent on sediment microbial communities and nitrogen-cycling in three study sites

Mary Jennings Van Sant '13 - The Keystone Pipeline Extension Plan

Colleen Moore '13 - Reversing a Century of Land Management and Policy that Drowned the Mississippi Delta

Brett Murray '13 - A Light in the Dark: Catalyzing a Sustainable Energy Conversion in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry

Christopher Nault '13 - Comparing the Potential Economic and Environmental Effects of Offshore Drilling and Offshore Wind Energy on the North Carolina Coast

Dylan Norvell '13 - A Proposed Expansion of Hol Chan Marine Reserve and its Effects on the Economy and Ecology of Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ali Pedersen '13 - Achieving 350: The technological portfolio to reduce emissions and atmospheric carbon

John Sauer '13 - Identification and Application of High Lipid Producing Algal Strains for Use in Biodiesel Production

John Spencer '13 - An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Low-head Dam Removal: Jordan's Point

Katy Zazzera '13 - Nutrient and Sediment Pollution in Rockbridge County