2011 Capstone Projects

A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Logging on Terrestrial Salamander Populations - Shane Ramee, '11 ; Joseph Tilghman, '13;

Actual Vs. Perceived Impacts of 'Green Buildings' on Environment - Joseph Champion, '11;

An Environmentally Sustainable Plan for Improving Balbina Peacock Bass Stock - Gaby Albuja, '11;

Carbon Isotopes and the Suess Effect in Belizean Corals - Stevenson Bunn, '11;

Ecological and Economic Consequences of Asian Carp Harvesting - Rosemary Hambright, '11;

Ecological Impacts and Sedimentation Loss in Downstream Ecosystems: A Plan to Modify the Glen Canyon Dam - Catherine Reed, '11;

Effectiveness of oil spill cleanup techniques - Shane Ramee, '11;

Evaluating Grass Energy in the Shenandoah Valley - Benjamin Mowczan, '11;

Impacts of Nutrient Runoff in the Chesapeake Bay and Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zones - Tess Hayden, '11;

Industrial symbiosis at the Kalundborg Industrial Park: Lessons for the United States - Pearson Nibley, '11;

In the Paying for Environmental Services in Brazilian Amazonia Working? A Case Study of Bolsa Foresta - Gabriela Passos Sampaio, exchange student from Universidade Federal do Amazona (Manuas, Brazil);

Morphostructural Analysis of the Tectonic Influences of the Trombetas Group in the Aquifers from Presidente Figueiredo Region Northern Edge of the Amazon Basin - Emerson Sanches '11;

Mountaintop Removal: Effects and Potential Alternatives - Anna Skinner, '11;

Oil Spills in coastal zones: a comparison between Guanabara's bay and the Gulf of Mexico - Leandro Galves, exchange student from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil);

The Combined Effects of Amazonas' Free Trade Zones: How effective have they been to reducing deforestation in the state? - Guilherme Fernandes, exchange student from Universidade Federal do Amazona (Manuas, Brazil);

The Costs and Benefits of Streamside Cattle Exclusion Fencing: A Modeling Approach - Thomas Jenkins, '11;

The Significance of Bats and why they should be protected - Elinore Van Sant, '11;

Water Pricing in Paraiba do Sul Basin, Brazil - Graham Perkins, '11;

Wetland Morphology on the Eastern Shore: Restoration and establishment needs in light of the new TMDL - Ned Lundvall, '11;

Wind Energy Initiatives in Denmark and the United States: A Comparative Study - Marissa Mann, '11;