Study Abroad Course Credit Seeking Signatures for Courses Taken While Studying Abroad

Before you visit the English Department Study Abroad liaison with a request for a signature for a literature course taken while studying abroad, please follow these simple steps.

  1. Reflect on the course content: were the literary works studied originally written in English? If not, then you should seek a signature for a Lit course from the appropriate foreign language department chair. For example, a course in Italian literature, featuring Dante read in English translation, requires a signature from the Romance Languages chair. If the language is not taught at Washington and Lee, please consult an academic dean.
  2. Gather the book list, description of writing assignments, and a schedule indicating the total contact hours of the course. The Study Abroad liaison will examine these materials to determine if the course can be considered equivalent to a Washington and Lee course.
  3. Ordinarily, preapproval signatures are gathered prior to your departure and final, credit-granting signatures are acquired after your return. If you have changed your courses while abroad, invalidating your preapprovals, be prepared to show the Study Abroad liaison all the work that you did in the course, as well as the aforementioned book lists, writing assignments, and contact hours.

A well-planned study abroad experience begins with consultation of the staff at the International Education office.