Applying for English 413 Senior Research and Writing

Junior majors, watch your email. By the end of the Washington Holiday, please let the departmental administrative assistant know your answers to the following questions:

  1. What three capstone courses, in order of preference, do you request? Please identify them by title and professor's name.
  2. Is there a pressing reason why you must do your capstone in either fall or winter? If so, explain in detail.
  3. Regarding your #1 choice. Please write a paragraph explaining why you would prefer this capstone experience, and if possible, suggest what you would like to explore in such a course.
  4. (optional): Use this space to tell us why you'd like to do your #2 and #3 courses, or to insert special pleas that otherwise wouldn't fit.

Departmental procedure: We will run a lottery to place students in capstone sections, but we will first attempt to accommodate the requests of those students who have replied to the above questions on time with full answers. In the event that 30 people put one particular course as a #1 choice, the chances would be about 1 in 5 of getting your first choice. If requests are distributed, as we expect, there is a very good chance that most of you will get one of your top three choices.

Disclaimer: The English Faculty reserves the right to place you in a capstone section that you have not requested, because we believe that you all should graduate on time!