Purpose of WRIT 100: Fulfilling FDR FW

Over three quarters of W&L first-year students fulfill the composition requirement (FDR FW) by taking Writing Seminar for First-Years-WRIT 100- during the first year of study. (In the past, they took one of the older courses, English 101 or English 105.) Exemption is uncommon and cannot be handled by summer course work.

FW Objectives The ability to write clearly, persuasively, and elegantly is a skill necessary for all college-level academic work. In the writing courses, students

  • are introduced to rhetorical conventions governing appropriateness and persuasiveness in writing;
  • learn the conventions of standard English;
  • learn to choose words more precisely, to write clear sentences and effective paragraphs;
  • argue a workable thesis;
  • integrate the work of others into their own work through proper citation techniques; and
  • increase their confidence with written language.

The most proficient students, with AP 5 scores, are exempt from the writing requirement. Successful completion of WRIT 100 satisfies this requirement.

Advice for Exempted First-Year Students

Be sure to exercise your good writing skills by taking courses that require writing (especially formal essays). Take a First-year Seminar. Writing courses can be found in most departments. Consider fulfilling your Humanities Literature (HL) distribution requirement with a 200-level literature course in English or in Literature in Translation.

Advice for Sophomores, Transfer Students, and Others who have not fulfilled the FDR FW Requirement (through coursework).

You are unlikely to be exempted from the requirement without a college writing course. When you register for a section of the Writing Seminar for First-Years (WRIT 100), you will be placed on the waitlist because you are not a first-year student. Please see the head of the English Department immediately in order to gain admission to a First-Year Writing Seminar section. You may have to wait until winter term.