English 299 Gateway Seminar for Prospective Majors

Advanced first-year students and sophomores interested in English should take English 299 after completing a 200-level course. Taking English 299 does not oblige you to become an English major, but all English majors must take English 299. The best time to take it is after you have taken a 200-level English course (required), but before you begin taking 300-level courses. 300-level literature courses in English share a common prerequisite, English 299. A few students, especially late-joining junior majors, may take English 299 concurrently with their first 300-level English course.

Goals of English 299

All majors must take, as one of their 200-level courses, a seminar for prospective majors, to be offered in fall and winter. It is not offered during Spring Term.

The required seminar is designed to serve as a bridge between 200- and 300- level courses. It will walk students through the process of researching a topic and writing a long paper. Topic will vary from term to term, as will the instructor.

English 299 (3) –– Seminar for Prospective Majors

Prerequisites: At least one course from English 230-293, and sophomore standing. A study of a topic in literature issuing in a research process and sustained critical writing. Some recent topics have been: Charles Dicken and his Circle, Jane Austen, Western American Literature, and Whitman and Dickinson. (GE 3) Staff. Fall, Winter