Distribution Courses in Literature or Creative Writing FDR HL or HA

Most courses numbered above 201 in English fulfill either FDR HA or HL. You can find courses to fulfill both HA and HL in other departments, as well.

Once you have fulfilled FDR FW with WRIT 100 or an appropriate score, you may move on to HL and HA courses. The 200-level is the introductory level in English for both creative writing and literature. These courses typically do not require instructor consent, but they are popular and fill up rapidly. The English department normally offers both creative writing and literature courses at the 200-level in fall, Winter and Spring Terms. If you are having a hard time getting into a 200-level English course and you plan on either a Creative Writing minor or an English major, please contact the chair of English for assistance.

In HA creative writing courses, students

  • acquire historical knowledge about literary traditions;
  • study works representative of both historical and contemporary traditions;
  • receive training to develop their own abilities in the literary arts;
  • acquire skills to analyze past and contemporary literature; and
  • learn ways to express personal creativity and employ their imaginations.

In HL literature courses, students

  • acquire knowledge about the cultural and historical context of literature;
  • learn to analyze various literary forms and complex and difficult language;
  • learn to read with imagination; and
  • respond critically to literature orally and in writing.