Lucy Hundley '10 Web Writer & Social Media Manager, Ciniva Web Agency

When I graduated from W&L, I was unemployed with no job opportunities on the horizon and no plans for a career. What I did have was an academic background rich in literary analysis, writing skills, and an eagerness to learn. These were the secret weapons in my interview arsenal. A Craigslist job posting landed me an interview at a small web company for a position I had never even heard of - "web writing." I had absolutely no web experience. I got the job. A few weeks ago, my boss, Steve, showed me the notes he had taken during my interview. Across the top of the page he had scrawled "pure writer." He told me he knew I could learn web skills, but writing and communication strengths had to be developed and cultivated for years. He confided that he could teach me to write on the web, but never to be a writer. (Thank God, y'all did!)