Public Health, Medical, and Mental Health Provisions Appendix D

This Appendix describes the courses of action that the University will implement to address emergency medical, public health, and mental health counseling issues, including treatment needs, medical supplies, and reporting.

Public Health, Medical, and Mental Health Treatment

In the event of an emergency, the Student Health Center medical personnel who are on campus will be available to assist in the evaluation and care of students and others who require medical attention. Additionally, the University Counseling staff will be available to provide counseling support services for students and others affected by an emergency situation. Untrained University personnel should only provide basic first aid and/or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if necessary and appropriate.

If an emergency situation requires additional health care providers, the University will use all reasonable efforts to secure additional providers or arrange for those affected to be transported to other locations where proper evaluation and care may be obtained. When external providers or agencies are involved in providing emergency care, the Student Health Center and University Counseling personnel will coordinate their efforts with these external providers and agencies based on the facts and circumstances of each emergency situation. The University has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Central Shenandoah Health District, in effect from June 2017 through June 2022, to provide for coordination and collaboration in dispensing mass vaccination and treatment to the University's students, employees and employee family members in a public health emergency.

Emergency Medical Supplies

The University maintains emergency medical supplies, including first aid kits and automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). Large first aid kits are located in the University Facilities Office, the Marketplace area of Elrod Commons, and Evans Dining Hall. Small first aid kits are located in the other dining venues on campus. Each Public Safety patrol vehicle and the Public Safety Office also have first aid kits, which are maintained and refilled by Public Safety. Additionally, the Student Health Center has a first aid kit packed and ready to respond to an emergency situation.

The University has installed approximately 30 AEDs in various locations around campus, which are designated on the campus map ( The Director of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for maintaining the AEDs in working order.

Reporting Information to Health Department

Public Safety, the Student Health Center, or other University personnel will report information about outbreaks, epidemics, or other unusual medical situations to the health department or other external agencies, as appropriate or required by law.