Eric D. Moffa, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education

Eric D. Moffa, Ed.D.

Newcomb 107
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Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, West Virginia University, 2016

M.Ed. in Professional Studies, Fairmont State University, 2009

B.A. in Social Studies Education, Fairmont State University, 2005


Rural Education, Democracy and Citizenship Education, Global Citizenship Education, Digital Citizenship, Teaching Controversial Issues


Foundations of Education
Middle and Secondary Content Area Reading and Writing
Methods for Middle and Secondary Education
Educating Citizens for Democracy
Fieldwork in Education
Directed Teaching Seminar (includes supervision of student teachers)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

Moffa, E. D. (2019). A paradox of place:  Civic education in the rural South. Social Studies Research and Practice, 14(1), 105-121.

Moffa, E. D., & McHenry-Sorber, E. (2018). Learning to be rural: Lessons about being rural in teacher-preparation programs. The Rural Educator, 38(1), 26-40.

Waterson, R. A., & Moffa, E. D. (2016). Citizenship education for proactive democratic life in rural communities. Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice, 11(3), 213-230.

Moffa, E. D. (2016). Fostering global citizenship dispositions: The long-term impact of participating in a high school global service club. The Social Studies, 107(4), 145-152.

Waterson, R. A., & Moffa, E. D. (2015). Applying Deweyan principles to global citizenship education in a rural context. Journal of International Social Studies, 5(1), 129-139.

Book Chapters: 

Moffa, E. D., & Poling, T. (forthcoming,). Growing to thrive: The story of two colleagues prospering in an era of standards-based education. In T. Rodriguez, H. Hallman & K. Pastorka-Capuana (Eds.) How teachers persist: Why we remain (and thrive) in this challenging profession. Lanham, MD: Rowan & Littlefield

Sigler, H., & Moffa, E. D. (2020). Learn, serve, and lead: Examining a model for strengthening community partnerships and student leadership through a service-leadership internship. In F. Kochan, E. Reames & D. Griggs (Eds.) Partnerships for student success and leadership preparation and development. Charlotte, NC. Information Age Publishing.

Moffa, E. D. (2018). Build your own course: Creating a controversial issues class at one Appalachian high school. In L. Wilcox and C. Brant (Eds.) It’s being done in social studies: Race, class, gender and sexuality in the pre/k-12 curriculum (pp. 157-168). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Moffa, E. D., Brejwo, C. J., & Waterson, R. A. (2016). Digital citizenship: Social media discourses within social studies. In W. Journell (Ed.), Teaching social studies in an era of divisiveness: The challenges of discussing social issues in a non-partisan way (pp. 143-158), Lanham MD: Rowan & Littlefield.