Study Abroad Programs

General Information:

Forms for Degree Credit for Off-Campus Study can be found at the W&L Office of International Education (official source for administrative procedures and University policy applicable to all foreign study).

General information for one-year and one-term study in China and Japan is given below. We strongly advise that after reading this page you talk with one of the following faculty members. Planning ahead is strongly recommended. Be sure to discuss with a faculty member the procedure for gaining pre-approval of transfer of language and literature credits for recommended programs. Transfer credit approval for non-recommended programs is not guaranteed. For pre-approval of credits for CHIN, JAPN, EALL and LIT (Literature in Translation relating to China or Japan) courses, please look at the section on the EALL website: Department Approval for EALL-related course work Abroad and in the U.S.



Spring Term Courses Abroad (STA courses to China and Japan are offered in alternating years)

      Spring Term in China: STA 2023

      Spring Term in Japan: STA 2023

One-Semester and One-Year Recommended Language Programs in China:

One-Semester and One-Year Recommended Language Programs in Japan:

Students are not limited to the Japan programs listed below, but will need to speak with Professor Ikeda and Cindy Irby (Center for International Education) well in advance to propose another program.

Located in Tokyo, ICU is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. It attracts many students from around the world, as well as Japanese returnees from abroad, and has been a leader in the field of Japanese language education for foreign students since its founding in 1953. This program has a formal exchange agreement with W&L.

If you are interested in summer programs in Japan, please see Professor Ikeda for a list of recommended summer programs.