Yanhong Zhu Associate Professor of Chinese

Yanhong Zhu

Ruscio Center for Global Learning, room 228
(540) 458-8277


Ph.D. University of Southern California

B.A. East China Normal University



Yanhong Zhu's primary research interests are in critical theory, modern Chinese literature, and Chinese film and culture.


CHIN 261 - Intermediate Intensive Chinese I

CHIN 262 - Intermediate Intensive Chinese II

CHIN 301 - Third-year Chinese Language

CHIN 311 - Advanced Chinese I: A Kaleidoscope of China

CHIN 312 - Advanced Chinese II: Masterworks of modern Chinese literature

LIT 220 - Modern Chinese Literature in Translation

EALL 215 - East Asian Cinema


Selected Publications

Book Chapter

Zhu, Y. H. (forthcoming). “Gendered Screens: Women, Space, and Social Transformation in the Works of Contemporary Chinese Female Filmmakers,” in Crossing Boundaries/ Confounding Identity: Chinese Women in Literature, Art, and Film, ed. Cherie Hughes. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.

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Zhu, Y. H. (2017). “The Moment and the Self: Exploring the Modernist Elements in Feng Zhi’s Wu Zixu,” in From Literature to the Arts: Sino-Western Cross-Cultural Studies, eds. Sun Shaoyi and Zhou Xuhua, pp. 147-165. Taipei: Shulin Publishing.

Zhu, Y. H. (2012). “The Moment and Eternity: On the Modernist Elements in Eileen Chang’s Fiction,” in Zhang Ailing: Zhuanqi • Xingbie • Xipu (Eileen Chang: Legends, Gender, and Genealogy), ed. Chin Chown Lim, pp. 59-74. Taipei: Linking Publishing.


Edited Volume

Victor Fan, Frederik Green, Wei Yang and Yanhong Zhu (Ed.). (2015). Collective Memory and Spatiality: Rethinking Post-Socialist/Colonial/Martial-Law Chinese Cinemas, Special Issue for East Asian Journal of Popular Culture. Vol. 1, no. 3.


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Work in Progress

Reconfiguring Chinese Modernism: The Poetics of Temporality in 1940s Fiction and Poetry

Screening the Unnamable: Chinese Cinema and the Historical Event


Visiting Positions

University of Southern California, Associate-in-Research of East Asian Studies Center, January - August 2013

Occidental College, Adjunct Instructor, Fall Term 2008