How to request credit for EALL-related course work Abroad and in the U.S.

Instructions for credit approval for EALL-related course work Abroad and in the U.S.

I.  Begin by finding the appropriate university form for your off-campus work.

    A. For Study Abroad: Read the Study Abroad Instructions on the Center for International Education website. 

           1) Access to the study abroad term and full year online application, important deadlines and other information, can be on the Center for International Education website. Consult with your professors and Cindy Irby, in the Center for International Education, about study abroad programs. 

            2) For summer international coursework, view the application.

     B. For programs within the U.S., click here for the Off-Campus Study in the U.S. form.

II.  For equivalent course work relating to Chinese and Japanese language, literature and culture:

     A. Consult with the appropriate EALL Language Head about your planned program of study and course of study.  Please be advised that some programs are not recommended by the department.
                Chinese Language: Professor Hongchu Fu or Professor Yanhong Zhu
                Japanese Language: Professor Janet Ikeda

    B. Contact the appropriate EALL Language Head and ask him/her to review your information.  Some courses, for which there is inadequate information, may not be granted pre-approval credit before the program begins.  In this case, you will be required while abroad or after completion of the program to submit the necessary documents.  Be sure to keep the syllabus and all work completed while abroad.  Before making an appointment with the appropriate EALL Language Head, be sure to provide the following information (some of this information may be in the online application).

-Current language class you are taking in EALL:
-List all courses you took in the EALL Dept (include language, LIT and EALL):
-Official name of Study Abroad Program/U.S. Program and City/Country:
-Term(s)/Summer you plan to be abroad:
-Length of program: (# of weeks)
-Courses relating to EALL Dept that you plan to take and seek pre-approval:
-For each EALL-related course for which you seek pre-approval:
      1) Course description and/or syllabus of study-abroad course (or internet link to a syllabus)
      2) number of contact hours in class per week
-Other courses beside EALL-related language, literature, or culture, you plan to take while abroad:

    C. NOTE:  For courses relating to China or Japan that fall within a discipline other than language, literature or culture, please seek approval from the appropriate W&L Department (e.g. History, Religion, Art History, etc.).  The Department Head will require a course syllabus in English for review.

   D.  Consult with the EALL Department Head, should you wish to request a substitution for a listed course in the EALL-C or EALL-J Major.