Kimono Demonstration and Brief Lecture in Northen Auditorium of Leyburn Library Come listen to Terry Sherwin and Sachiko Houck demonstrate the art of kimono dressing.


On Saturday, March 12, 2022, 2:00-3:30 pm there will be a kimono demonstration and brief lecture in Northen Auditorium of Leyburn Library at Washington & Lee University.  Kimono as a garment tells a fascinating story. It can reflect much of what a person wishes to express. Our guest speakers will attempt to show how versatile kimono is, and how to "read" some of its language. Depending on how the garment is worn, much can be told about the wearer, such as age and marital status. They will demonstrate the wearing of a woman's kimono and obi (sash) and show a variety of kimono-related apparel. 

 Terry Sherwin and Sachiko Houck are both members of the CHADO Philadelphia Urasenke Tankokai and practice tea in the Philadelphia area.  They both have a strong love for kimono and are delighted to share their knowledge of kimono with others.

Sachiko, a nurse practitioner, grew up in Fukuoka, Japan where her mother was a teacher of the Japanese tea ceremony.   She has an extensive collection of kimono and has helped many tea students learn to wear kimono for weekly tea lessons and activities.  Outside of Philadelphia, she owns a tearoom where weekly tea lessons are offered, and kimono is often worn. 

Terry, a former art teacher, has a love of kimono and learned to wear this fascinating garment while studying the tea ceremony. She has demonstrated kimono dressing at Shofuso, The Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia for Children's Day, the Morris Arboretum during Cherry Blossom Festival and the Penn Museum. She has also helped organized kimono displays at Shofuso.  Terry and her husband Bill are proud parents of Christopher Sherwin '09.

In addition, there will be a small exhibition of a kimono and obi (sash) on the first floor of Leyburn Library from March1st to April 8th. The motif known as "tagasode" or "Whose Sleeves?" is a common pattern on lacquerware, textiles, folding screens and paintings. 

Sponsored by the Dept. of EALL