EALL 399 Guidelines for the Translation Project for EALL Majors EALL 399-01 (Chinese Majors) EALL 399-02 (Japanese Majors)

  1. The translation project (EALL 399) will be a one-credit capstone project as part of EALL major requirement.
  2. The capstone project will be graded on a S/U basis.
  3. Students should take the project while taking CHIN 312 or JAPN 312 or afterwards in their senior year.
  4. The piece to be translated should be literary in nature, but not poetry, written in modern languages and without a glossary.
  5. A student should provide a 500-word introduction in English about the piece and its author.
  6. The translation itself should be at least 2500 words. This can be an excerpt of a long piece or two short pieces or a short piece plus an excerpt of another piece. Please indicate total word count of project at the end of translation.
  7. The translation project should provide a cover page and the translation itself should be appropriately formatted with double space, using a 12-point font.
  8. The translation should not use, nor make reference to, any present translations, if any exist.
  9. Students engaged in the translation should not use any electronic or online translation devices or software for help.
  10. The deadline for turning in the final version of the translation project is the last day of instruction by 5 pm in the term in which EALL 399 is registered.
  11. Students conducting the project should meet with the advisor(s) several times during the translation process so as to get timely guidance. The exact meeting times should be arranged between the advisor(s) and the individual student.

(March 5, 2013)