GEOL 373 Regional Geology: Iceland

GEOL 373 Regional Geology: Iceland, with David Harbor and James Biemiller '15, Spring 2019

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my Spring Term abroad in Iceland is the gorgeous scenery. Before touching down in Iceland I had never even set foot outside of the United States so I was full of expectations while simultaneously having no idea what to expect. Leading up to the trip, I did my best to avoid exposing myself to pictures of Iceland online, and I was so glad that I did. Everywhere that we went was the most beautiful place that I had ever seen. It felt as if there isn't a single place in all of Iceland that doesn't look as if it came straight out of a Nat Geo documentary. Most importantly, however, this stunning scenery houses some of the most impressive geologic features that the world has to offer. I came into Iceland with a fairly complete understanding of structure, basic field methods, and glaciology, but I left with so much more. Throughout only four weeks I gained a plethora of knowledge of petrology, glaciology, geomorphology, sustainability, and field methods all in the context of the regional geology of Iceland. (By Mickie Brown '21, student in GEOL 373 ST 2019)

Prerequisite: for geology majors