GEOL 105 Earth Lab: Introduction to the Geology of Hawai'i

GEOL 105 Earth Lab: Introduction to the Geology of Hawaii, with Elizabeth Knapp and Clare Wilkinson '17, Spring 2019

Hawaii - one of the most geologically active spots (specifically, a hotspot) on Planet Earth, and one of the most unique locations for observing natural processes up close. Students were introduced to Hawaii using a three pronged approach, studying Volcanic Landforms/Activity, Surface Processes (such as erosion, earthquakes, and weathering), and Hawaiian People & Culture. After a week of activities and lessons beforehand focusing on basic geology and introducing Hawaiian geology/landforms/weather, students lodged in two important locations on Big Island: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Kona Coast. Throughout the trip, each student was given the chance to present on a specific topic or location (such as the Waipi'o Valley) to the rest of the group. Through day trips to places such as Papakolea (a green sand beach), an ancient petroglyph site, and Kilauea Iki (a hardened lava lake and crater), students gained a better understanding of the similarities and differences between Hawaii's past, both geologically and culturally, and Hawaii's future. They were also able to gain an understanding of the timeline of Hawaiian geological history, featuring the most recent 2018 eruptions. They were also encouraged to explore Hawaii's people and culture (and food!) during free time in Kona and Hilo. The course ended with a week of work on a collaborative poster project based on the three overarching topics. (Written by Katie Larkin '22, student in 105 Spring 2019)

No prerequisites