W&L Geoscience Facilities

The Department of Earth and Environmental Geoscience is housed in state-of-the-art facilities of the Science Center. Our "quarters" include a clustered arrangement of faculty offices and laboratories, a dedicated departmental computer laboratory, student research offices for geoscience majors. These facilities were specifically designed to promote student-faculty collaboration in a collegial setting.

The Department is able to also use the IQ Center -- the Integrative and Quantitative Center -- in the Science Center. The space and instruments are amazing! Come see.

IQ Center

The HHMI-funded Integrative and Quantitative Center houses a stereo 3D lab, a physical/mechanical lab, a computer visualization lab, and 5 microscopy suites.

Field and Analytical Equipment

For a small department within a liberal arts college, the Department of Geology at Washington and Lee has extensive geochemical, geophysical and geologic equipment.