Madhumita Chakraborty Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Earth and Environmental Geoscience

Madhumita Chakraborty

Science Addition G21


2022 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India
2013 Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Applied Geology, University of Calcutta, India
2011 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Geology, University of Calcutta, India


My research involves studying hydrogeological settings and groundwater contamination dynamics within aquifer systems with the aim of identifying safe drinking water sources. My previous research focused on a comprehensive hydrostratigraphic and hydrogeologic assessment of the transboundary aquifer system of the Ganges River delta with a special focus on groundwater arsenic contamination. My long-term research goals involve working toward developing knowledge systems that strengthen water security and promote sustainable and equitable water management under the escalating trends of groundwater stress across the globe.


GEOL 150 Water Resources
GEOL 240 Hydrogeology

Selected Publications

Chakraborty, M., Mukherjee, A. and Ahmed, K.M., 2022. Regional-scale hydrogeochemical evolution across the arsenic-enriched transboundary aquifers of the Ganges River Delta system, India and Bangladesh. Science of The Total Environment, p.153490.

Chakraborty, M., Mukherjee, A., Ahmed, K.M., Fryar, A.E., Bhattacharya, A., Zahid, A., Das, R. and Chattopadhyay, S., 2022. Influence of hydrostratigraphy on the distribution of groundwater arsenic in the transboundary Ganges River aquifer system, India and Bangladesh. GSA Bulletin, 10.1130/B36068.1.
Chakraborty, M., Mishra, A.K. and Mukherjee, A., 2022. Influence of hydrogeochemical reactions along flow paths on contrasting groundwater arsenic and manganese distribution and dynamics across the Ganges River. Chemosphere, 287, p.132144.

Chakraborty, M., Sarkar, S., Mukherjee, A., Shamsudduha, M., Ahmed, K.M., Bhattacharya, A. and Mitra, A., 2020. Modeling regional-scale groundwater arsenic hazard in the transboundary Ganges River Delta, India and Bangladesh: Infusing physically-based model with machine learning. Science of The Total Environment, 748, p.141107.

Chakraborty, M., Mukherjee, A. and Ahmed, K.M., 2015. A review of groundwater arsenic in the Bengal Basin, Bangladesh and India: from source to sink. Current Pollution Reports, 1(4), pp.220-247.

University Services

2022-23 CBL Collaborative Fellows for “Learning By Doing,” Community-Based Learning (CBL).