How to Request Accommodations

General Process

Disability Resources is ready to help you ensure access to all University programs and activities.

The general process for academic, housing (including requests for emotional assistance animals), or dining accommodations is below:

  1. Complete the "Request for Accommodation of Disability form"
  2. Provide documentation. Please see our Documentation Guidelines to clarify what needs to be submitted.
  3. Disability Resources, in conjunction with relevant experts, will review what you have provided.
  4. Meet or speak with the Director of Disability Resources.

Submit the request form and documentation to:
Lauren Kozak
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Disability Resources
204 W. Washington St.
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, VA 24450

You will be informed by the Director of the determinations and whether any other information should be provided. Disability Resources is available at any point during the request process, or prior to initiating the process, to discuss your needs. Please contact the Director, Lauren Kozak, at or 540-458-4055.

Timing of Requests

Academic or other Accommodations

You can contact Disability Resources for academic accommodations at any time during your time at W&L, but we strongly encourage students to do so in the first month of the term or in advance of their matriculation because the process requires time to complete and accommodations are not retroactive; we want to ensure that your accommodations are put into place as soon as possible.

Housing Accommodations

Because of the housing assignment process, there are deadlines for requests for housing disability accommodations.

  • Matriculated Students--Requests for the next academic year should be made by March 1.
  • Incoming students who have not yet matriculated--Requests for the upcoming academic year should be made by May 31.

If the need for the accommodation arises after March 1/May 31 and/or while residing in University housing, you should make the request and submit the required documentation as soon as possible. However, W&L cannot guarantee that it will be able to process the request and make arrangements to meet your accommodation needs, if approved, for the term for which the request is received.

Implementing Approved Accommodations

To implement approved accommodations take the following steps:

  1. Meet with the Director of Disability Resources to sign your Official Accommodation Letter.
  2. Show your instructors the Official Accommodation Letter to notify them of your approved accommodations and develop a plan for implementation.

It is your decision whether or not to use your approved accommodations for any particular course. Your accommodations do not go into effect until you present your letter to your instructors.

You should show your letter to your instructors within the first two weeks of classes during fall or winter term and within the first two days of spring term.  If you have testing accommodations, you must make arrangements at least one week before the date of the test or exam, including finals. Once you have started a test or exam, you may not invoke accommodations if they were not pre-arranged.

Students generally do not need to resubmit a request for previously granted accommodations each academic year unless the Director of Disability Resources determines otherwise

Not Receiving an Accommodation?

You have the right to all of your approved accommodations. If you do not receive an accommodation approved in the Official Accommodation Letter, please immediately notify the Director of Disability Resources.

Need Additional or Different Accommodations?

Although the intake process is designed to identify all relevant accommodations, your needs may change during your time at Washington and Lee or unanticipated barriers may occur. Accommodation letters may be revised at any point during your enrollment, however some changes may require updated or additional documentation. If you ever have questions about modifying your accommodation letter, you should contact the Director of Disability Resources.