Document Decision Tree Do I post this information as a document or a webpage?

1. How many people need this information?

People often create a document for a small group of folks and then decide to "throw it up on the web" for good measure. Then they forget about the document, and soon it becomes outdated clutter that just adds confusion and detracts from your website's primary messages.

Is this something that I can easily email, hand-distribute or otherwise share directly with the folks who need it?

  • Yes: Seize the opportunity to stop right there and proceed with the alternate distribution method.
  • No: If you want the information to be available to a large group of people or findable through search, proceed to Step 2.

2. How important is the formatting to the information delivery?

From an accessibility standpoint, webpages are almost always better than documents. But occasionally, a document provides formatting options that offer some distinct advantages for content delivery.

Does it require special formatting to facilitate workflow, or does the formatting of the document convey information that is essential to its meaning or purpose?

  • No - Reformat the content as an accessible webpage or web form. Original document may be posted as an accompaniment, if you would also like to make the original available.
  • Yes - Are you willing to pay ($5-$100 per page depending on complexity) to put it online?
    • No - You must reformat the content as an accessible webpage or web form to provide an equivalent experience online. Original document may be posted as an accompaniment.
    • Yes - Send your document to Steve Mammarella, Web Accessibility Coordinator, for a remediation estimate.