Shikha Silwal Associate Professor of Economics

Shikha Silwal

Holekamp 213

Professor Silwal joined Washington and Lee University in 2012. Her research interests are in the areas of development and conflict and peace studies,  with a special focus on South Asian countries. She is a core member of the Middle East and South Asia studies minor.



Ph.D., Economics, University of Pittsburgh


Economics of War and Peace, Culture and Economic Development (300-level seminar), and Caste at the Intersection of Economy, Religion, and Law (Spring Term Study Abroad to Nepal, jointly with Prof. Tim Lubin). All courses carry Global Learning (GL) designation and count towards Poverty and MESA minors. Additionally, the study abroad class is cross-listed with the Religion department, also counts towards WGSS minor, and satisfies experiential learning requirement.

Selected Publications

Silwal, Shikha, Charles H. Anderton, Jurgen Brauer, Chris Coyne, and J. Paul Dunne. (2021). “The Economics of Conflict and Peace: History and Applications, Past, Present, and Future.” Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.