Jeff Schatten Associate Professor of Business Administration

Jeff Schatten

Hopkins 202
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On leave until 2024-2025 academic year

Jeff Schatten joined the Washington and Lee University faculty in 2016 after completing his Ph.D. in Managerial Sciences at Georgia State University, where he was recognized with numerous teaching awards. His international teaching experience includes engagements at two top universities in China. Post the 2008 financial crisis, Jeff ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a residential real estate investment company, and also worked as a consultant in a start-up incubator in Cape Town, South Africa. Additionally, he has served as a pro-bono strategy consultant for various nonprofit organizations.

Jeff is the creator and host of the highly-rated management podcast "Demystifying Organizations," He is known for his innovative teaching approach, particularly in his unique class “Leading Teams,” which comprises both Washington and Lee students and inmates from a medium-security prison, and is conducted within the prison itself.

Holding a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Maryland, Jeff's academic journey bridges business and the liberal arts. His research in organizational behavior intersects management and psychology, focusing on negotiations, leadership, and artificial intelligence. His scholarly work has been featured in the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard University’s Negotiation Journal, the Journal of Management and Organization, and Leadership Quarterly. Recognized with the “Best Paper in Organizational Behavior” award by the Southern Management Association, Jeff has presented his research at various prestigious conferences, including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Academy of Management Conference, and the Southern Management Association.

Jeff's recent research into artificial intelligence and its business implications has been featured in The Big Story podcast, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The LA Times. His commitment to integrating cutting-edge business and organizational theory with practical experience makes him a distinctive educator and thought leader in the dynamic field of business administration.  He can also be seen doing stand-up comedy in Barcelona, as he "attempts" to make audiences laugh about wonky topics such as US politics and artificial intelligence. 


Ph.D., Georgia State University, Managerial Sciences (2016)

M.B.A, Georgia Institute of Technology (2012)

B.A., Philosophy, University of Maryland (2004)




Artificial Intelligence


Decision Making

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


Management and Organizational Behavior

Managing Uncertainty


Cross-Cultural Leadership

Leading Teams (takes place at a prison)

Leadership through Literature

Decision Making Under Pressure


Selected Publications

“Do negotiators accurately assess counterpart cooperation and competition in negotiations?,” Group Decision and Negotiation. (Under review), co-authors: Edward Miles and Teresa Rodrigues

“The Gender Paradox in Negotiations,” Journal of Business and Educational Leadership. (2020), co-authors: Ed Miles, Elizabeth Chapman, Dina Leheta and Michael Knight.

“How Face Threat Sensitivity Affects Proactive Negotiation Behavior.” Organization Management Journal. (2020), co-authors: Edward Miles and Elizabeth Chapman.

“Leadership and the Lens of a Profession.” Considering Leadership Anew: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (2019), co-authors: Edward Miles and A.J. Corner.

“Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management Levers for Sustained Competitive Advantage: Combing Isomorphism and Differentiation.” Journal of Management and Organization. (2018), co-authors: Elizabeth Chapman, Faye Sisk and Edward Miles.

“The View Over One’s Shoulder: The Causes and Consequences of Leader’s Envy of Followers" Leadership Quarterly. (2017), co-authors: Dina Leheta and Nikos Dimotakis.

“From the Research Lab to the Office: Making Negotiation Research More Accessible to Negotiators.” Negotiation Journal. (2015), co-author: Edward Miles.

“Genetic Factors in Organizational Psychology.” International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition. (2015), co-authors: Nikos Dimotakis and Richard Arvey.