Chris Compton Laboratory Technician and Research Specialist

Chris Compton

Howe Hall 215


M.S. in Physics - West Virginia University
B.S. in Physics - Auburn University
B.S. in Geology - Auburn University


Space plasma phenomena, and plasma diagnostics.

Plasma lab:

Students conduct experiments on plasma dynamics as well as developing diagnostics to measure these phenomena. Students gain experience with vacuum equipment, high voltage systems, plasma sources, oscilloscopes, Langmuir probes, and diagnostic techniques.

Selected Publications

On the mechanism of pulsed electron beam production from an uninterrupted plasma cathode. D.R. Boris, C.D. Cothran, C.S. Compton, W.E.Amatucci, and S.G. Walton. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science Volume:44 , Issue: 5, May 2016.

Microparticle injection effects on microwave transmission through an overly dense plasma layer. E.D. Gillman, J. Williams, C.S. Compton, W.E. Amatucci. Physics of Plasmas, Volume 22, Issue 4, April 2015.

Continuous and pulsed electron beam production from an uninterrupted plasma cathode. C. D. Cothran, D. R. Boris, C. S. Compton, E. M. Tejero, R. F. Fernsler, W. E. Amatucci, S. G. Walton. Surface and Coatings Technology, 267 (2015) 111-116.

Radio tomographic imaging of sporadic-E layers during SEEK-2, P. A. Bernhardt, C. A. Selcher, C. Siefring, M.Wilkens, C. Compton, G. Bust, M. Yamamoto, S. Fukao, O. Takayuki, M.Wakabayashi, and H. Mori. Annales Geophysicae, Part of Special Issue “SEEK-2 (Sporadic-E Experiment over Kyushu 2)” 2005.

Laser Induced Fluorescence in a Pulsed Argon Plasma, E. Scime, Costel Biloiu, Christopher Compton, Forrest Doss, John Heard, Daniel Ventura, Edgar Choueiri, Rostislav Spektor. Review of Scientific Instruments, Volume 76, number 2, Jan 25, 2005.