Sorority Dining

Washington and Lee Dining Services provides food service for the campus's six sorority houses. Sorority members are eligible to take advantage of the convenient location and intimate, family style dining setting, by using their Dining Plan at any of the six houses. Members who live in each house are required to have a full board plan which can be used at the sorority houses or any of our on-campus dining locations. Other sorority members are automatically assigned the 10-meal plan, but based on their needs, may choose to switch to a Full Board, 20, 15, or 7 meal plan. Each house is fitted with a card reader so sorority members can swipe their meal plan at any house and are free to dine at multiple locations. Sorority Dining provides a continental breakfast in house for the live-in sorority members, as well as lunch Monday through Friday. Monday evening each house hosts a chapter dinner for all sorority members, and a different house hosts dinner each night Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Washington and Lee Sorority Dining prides itself on providing an intimate, comfortable dining setting for the campus sorority members and our staff are ready to accommodate a wide variety of special dietary needs.

Meal Plan Description and Contract

Sorority dining offers a family style atmosphere and the staff in each house strives to accommodate menu requests, suggestions, and special dietary requirements. Snack items to supplement continental breakfast and paper products are provided 24/7 for house members.