Tom Whaley Professor Emeritus

Tom Whaley


Ph.D., mathematics from Vanderbilt University (1968)
B.S., mathematics from Lincoln Memorial University (1964)


In a previous life, Tom did research in very abstract algebra - lattice theory and universal algebra. More recently, he has published papers on using formal methods to derive programs together with correctness proofs, on binary search trees constructed from postorder sequences. For several years he collaborated with Professor Dymacek of the Mathematics Department and several undergraduate students in applying various computing techniques, including parallel tree pruning algorithms, to explore classifications of Steinhaus graphs.

Current Research:
Over the past few years, Professor Whaley has worked with Professor Settle of the Chemistry Department and with Dr. Elizabeth Blackmer along with several computer science majors to develop the Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues. This project has received two National Science Foundation Grants as part of the National Science Digital Library project.



Primary Courses:
Survey of Computer Science, Fundamentals of Programming, Computer Organization, Theory of Computation, Database Management

Other Interests

Professor Whaley plays tennis, enjoys country dancing, especially in the old dance halls of Texas, and plays traditional music on his mandolin.