The Wordmark

The central feature of the graphic identity system is the Wordmark, which is a word or phrase used as a logo.


This new Wordmark is a slightly revised version of one that was first created in 1988 and had been used until a revision of the graphic identity in 2006.

The typeface used to create the Wordmark is Berling.

The Wordmark should be reproduced only from original artwork. Attempts to create the Wordmark using fonts available on personal computers will not successfully create the original Wordmark. Graphic files of the Wordmark in various formats are available for download on this site.

In most applications the Wordmark will be centered, either on the page or in relation to other type that accompanies it.

The Wordmark should never be displayed at an angle and sufficient space should be allowed around the Wordmark so that it stands out on the page.

On occasion the Wordmark may be reversed out of a solid color, but it should not be screened.

Wordmark reversed