Leonard Jarrard Professor, Emeritus

Leonard Jarrard



Post doctoral study, University of Florida College of Medicine, 1966

Ph.D., Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1959


My research centers generally around studying the neural bases of learning and memory, and more specifically on the contributions the different medial temporal lobe structures (especially hippocampus) make to these complex cognitive processes. Our most recent research findings indicate that the hippocampus is importantly involved in modulating food intake and thus is thought to play an important role in obesity.

Selected Publications


  • Book: Jarrard. L.E., Cognitive Processes of Nonhuman Primates, N.Y.:Academic Press, 1971.

Research Papers -108 papers published in edited scientific journals and books including the following recent papers:

  • Davidson, T.L., Kanoski, S.E., Walls, E.K., Jarrard, L.E. (in press) Memory inhibition and energy regulation. Physiology and Behavior.
  • Jarrard, L.E., Davidson, T.L., Bowring, B. (2004) Functional differentiation within the medial temporal lobe in the rat. Hippocampus, 14: 434-449.
  • Lindquist, D.H., Jarrard, L.E., Brown, T.H. (2004) Perirhinal cortex supports delay fear conditioning to rat ultrasonic social signals. Journal of Neuroscience, 24:3610-3617.
  • Davidson, T.L. Jarrard, L.E. (2004) The hippocampus and inhibitory learning: A ‘Gray' area. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews., 28:261-271.
  • Liu, P., Jarrard, L.E., Bilkey, D.K. (2004) Excitotoxic lesions of the pre- and parasubiculum disrupt the place fields of hippocampal pyramidal cells. Hippocampus, 14:107-116.