Technology, Health and Cognition Lab

Wythe Whiting, PhD, and Karla Murdock, PhD

Drs. Wythe Whiting and Karla Murdock study associations between technology and social media use, affect valuation, cognitive patterns, well-being, and physiological functioning.

Publications with students (* indicates a student author)
Whiting, W.L., & Murdock, K.K. (2021). Notification Alert! Effects of auditory text alerts on attention and heart rate variability across three developmental periods. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Murdock, K.K., Carlucci*, L., & Balsamo*, M. (2019). A cross-cultural investigation of co-rumination via cellphone among emerging adults. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 38, 671-703.

Murdock, K.K., Adams, S., Crichlow-Ball*, C., Horissian*, M., & Roberts*, M. (2019). Nighttime notifications and compulsivity illuminate the link between emerging adults' cellphone use and sleep-related problems. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 8, 12-21.

Whiting, W. & Murdock, K.K. (2016). Emerging adults' sleep patterns and attentional capture: The pivotal role of consistency. Cognitive Processing, 17, 155 - 162.