Student Research Conduct research with W&L CBSC faculty

A research lab is a learning environment -- an exciting one -- that extends what you learn in the classroom in several meaningful ways. Not only do you become familiar with methods of conducting research first-hand, you work-through questions and scenarios that one cannot imitate in the classroom. The intellectual stimulation is well-earned. Each summer, several CBSC faculty include students in their research labs. Students often participate in research that culminates in a conference presentation or a published paper.

If you are presenting at a conference, your research advisor will direct you to request funding from the Provost's Office and also to fill out the CBSC Student Conference Travel Funding Request. 

CBSC Student Conference Travel Funding Request
Provost's Office Student Conference Funding Request

To do research involving human subjects read the policy at the General Counsel's site and submit the proper forms to the IRB Chair.

Technology, Health and Cognition Lab

Drs. Wythe Whiting and Karla Murdock study associations between technology and social media use, affect valuation, cognitive patterns, well-being, and physiological functioning.

W&L Gender Psychology Lab

Dr. Megan Fulcher's research focuses on children's gender role development, toy play and their visions of their future selves.