George Bent - On Sabbatical 2022-23 Sidney Gause Childress Professor in the Arts

George Bent - On Sabbatical 2022-23

Wilson Hall 3017
Curriculum Vitae


Stanford University
Ph.D., History of Art; 1993.
Dissertation: "S. Maria degli Angeli and the Arts: Patronage, Production and Practice in a Trecento Florentine Monastery"
M.A., History of Art; 1988

Oberlin College
B.A., Highest Honors in History; 1985.
Honors Thesis: "National Socialism and the Austrian Anschluss"


  • Medieval Art in Southern Europe
  • Medieval Art in Northern Europe
  • Gothic Art in Northern Europe
  • Northern Renaissance Art
  • Medieval Art in Italy
  • Italian Renaissance Art
  • Early Renaissance Art in Florence
  • The High Renaissance in Italy
  • Approaches to Art History

Selected Publications

  • Book: Public Paintingand Visual Culture in Early Republican Florence (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016).
  • Book: Monastic Art in Lorenzo Monaco's Florence: Painting and Patronage in Santa Maria degli Angeli, 1300-1415 (Lewiston, NY, 2006).
  • Book: Early Renaissance Art (Boulder, 2002).
  • Book: with Charles Minott, Gothic Art (Boulder, 2002).
  • "Andrea di Bonaiuto," "Giovanni del Biondo," "Bonamico Buffalmacco," and "Master of the Legend of Saint Francis," in Encyclopedia of Medieval Italy (Garland Publishers, New York), 2004.
  • "A Patron for Lorenzo Monaco's Uffizi Coronation of the Virgin," Art Bulletin 82 (2000), 348-54.
  • "Late Gothic Art in Italy," The Art Historian, vol. I, CD-ROM textbook (Reindeer publishers, 1996).
  • "The Early Renaissance," The Art Historian, vol. II, CD-ROM textbook (Reindeer publishers, 1996).
  • "The Scriptorium at S. Maria degli Angeli and Fourteenth-Century Manuscript Illumination: Don Silvestro dei Gherarducci, Don Lorenzo Monaco, and Giovanni del Biondo," Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 55 (1992), 507-523.
  • "Painted Crucifix," Master of the Corsi Crucifix. Allen Memorial Art Museum Catalog, forthcoming.
  • "Martyrdom of St. Lawrence," Maestro delle vitae Imperatorum. Allen Memorial Art Museum Catalog, forthcoming.
  • Review: John Richards, Altichiero: An Artist and His Patrons in the Italian Trecento, in Renaissance Quarterly LIV (Autumn, 2001), 942-43.
  • Review: Hayden B.J. Maginnis, The World of the Early Sienese Painter, in CAA. Reviews (
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