Classics Minor Requirements

2023 - 2024 Catalog

Classics minor

A minor in classics requires at least 21 credits from at least seven courses. In meeting the requirements of this minor, a student may not use more than nine credits that are also used to meet the requirements of any other major or minor. Students contemplating the minor should consult with a member of the Classics Department. The courses must include:

1. either 12 credits (four courses) in Latin and/or Greek courses, or proficiency equivalent to LATN 202 or GR 202.
2. at least three credits (one course) at the 300 level in Classics, Greek or Latin
3. additional credits to reach the minimum 21 credits chosen from courses in Classics, Greek, Latin, PHIL 110, PHIL 222, or REL 102, and, when appropriate, ENGL 296 (LJS 296). Additional courses dealing with the ancient world and offered in departments other than Classics may be approved on an individual basis by the Classics Department Head.