Classics Major Requirements

2023 - 2024 Catalog

Classics major leading to BA degree

A major in classics leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree requires completion of at least 33 credits, including the following, and the comprehensive examination:

  1. At least 18 credits in Greek and/or Latin with at least six credits at the 300 level, and no more than six credits at the 100-level
  2. 15 additional credits chosen from the Greek, Latin, or Classics courses or the following: PHIL 110, 222 or REL 102, and, when appropriate, ENGL 296 (LJS 296). Independent study courses must be approved in advance by the department.
  3. A comprehensive examination administered in the senior year or, with the permission of the department, in the junior year.

With permission of the Classics Department Head, credit for the major may also be awarded for courses dealing with the ancient world but offered from time to time in departments other than Classics. Permission will be considered on an individual basis.