Philip Trimmer Senior Chemistry Technical Manager, CHO, RSO

Philip Trimmer

Science Addition AB03
Curriculum Vitae

Chemical Hygiene Officer
Radiation Safety Officer

Technical Expertise

  • Extensive experience in wet chemical methods and in many forms chromatography, spectroscopy, and microscopy. Including: FTNMR, FTIR, NIR, GC, HPLC, GPC, UV-VIS, AA, XRF, Fluorescence, and Electroluminescence. Well versed in the physical and chemical characterization of polymers.
  • Skilled in the use of personal computers, including custom programming, instrument interfacing, electronic communications, word processing, and data manipulation.
  • Adept at the communication of technical information and procedures as a result of managing an ISO 9000 lab, three semesters of laboratory teaching experience, and several years of tutoring Chemistry, Math, and Physics.
  • Polymer research results are published in Chemistry Journals and have been presented at professional seminars.
  • Experienced in working with radiolabelled compounds.


  • The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Masters of Science in Analytical Chemistry, spring 1995.
  • Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, December 1990.
  • Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, Michigan.
  • Associate of Science in Physical Sciences, May 1985.

Presentations and Publications

  • May 1994 - Florida Regional American Chemical Society meeting presented: "Electroluminescence in Thin Polymer Films."
  • January 1993 - Published: "Spatially Resolved UV-VIS Characterization of Radiation-Induced Color Centers in Poly (Styrene) and Poly (Vinyl Toluene)," Journal of Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Pergamon Press, 1993, pp. 57-64.
  • December 1992 - Joint Southeastern-Middle-Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society presented: "Radiation damage in Polymers".
  • April 1992 - International Conference on Radiation-Tolerant Plastic Scintillators and Detectors in Tallahassee, FL presented: "A New Way to Measure Gaseous Diffusion Coefficients in Polymers."
  • February 1992 - Poster session entitled: "Radiation Resistance of Plastic Scintillators" at the Florida Advanced Materials Chemistry conference.


Radiation Related Experience

1991 to 1995

Attended a one day radiation safety course in Florida. Passed the exam to become licensed by the state in the safe use of ionizing radiation and radio labeled compounds in research.

1995 to 1997

Attended a one day radiation safety course in North Carolina. Passed the exam to become licensed by the state in the safe use of ionizing radiation. Became the Radiation Safety Officer for the ICI Americas polyester plant in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Developed radiation safety SOP for the use of high energy x-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Trained 12 lab technicians in the safe use of this instrument and dosimeter badge protocols.


Attended a one week seminar to become a certified Radiation Safety Officer.


Attended a four day seminar in Advanced Radiation Safety.