Steve Desjardins Professor of Chemistry

Steve Desjardins

Science Addition A330B
Curriculum Vitae


1985 The University of Texas, Austin, TX

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate with Dr. Peter J. Rossky
  • Research: Theoretical Studies in Statistical Mechanics; Development of Interaction Site integral equation theory for molecular fluids such as water.

1984 Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Brown University, Providence, RI 

  • Thesis Advisor: Professor Richard M. Stratt, Department of Chemistry, Brown
  • Thesis Topic: Theoretical Studies in Statistical Mechanics

1) Quantum effects on the conformational behavior of small molecules and polymers
2) Interaction of intramolecular degrees of freedom with a condensed phase environment
3) Classical and quantum behavior of lattice spin systems, such as the Ising-Lenz and Heisenberg models

1980 B.A., Chemistry and Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, Clark University, Worcester, MA


  • statistical mechanics
  • nonlinear dynamics
  • chemical kinetics



  • Chem 106 Disorder and Chaos
  • Chem 110 General Chemistry
  • Chem 112 Aqueous Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chem 260 Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems

Selected Publications

Holland, M. G., Griffith, V. E., , France, M. B., and Desjardins, S. G., “Kinetics of the Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of a 7-Oxanorbornene Derivative by Grubbs’ Catalyst”, J. Poly. Sci.: Part A: Poly. Chem., 41, 2125-2131 (2003)

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O'Gara, J.; Jones, A.A.; Desjardins, S. G.; "Spin Relaxation and Local Motion in Four Structurally Related Dissolved Polycarbonates," 1981, Macromolecules 14, 64.


  • Jeffress Research Grant, 1989, $12,600
  • Dr. Scholl's Foundation, 1999, $25,000
  • W. Keck Foundation, 2001, $500,000