Spring Term Abroad 2022 Course Offerings

General Information Meeting - Spring Term Abroad

October 7, 2021, at 7:00 pm via Zoom
Watch the recording: Part 1 (how to apply); Part 2 (financial aid and questions) 

Course-Specific Breakout Sessions

Meet with the program director(s) to hear more about the course. Please check this page for the breakout session schedule.

Applications open on October 9th and are due by 5:00 pm on Oct. 22, 2021. You may apply for up to two courses but please indicate clearly in the application questionnaire if it is your first or second choice. 

AFCA/ENGL 286 – Black Writers and the Allure of Paris

FRANCE. Spend three weeks at W&L immersed in the literary works of black writers of the Harlem Renaissance and the mid-twentieth-century period. Then travel to Paris and dedicate two weeks to exploring the city that spurred black writers to examine modern racial identity.

ARTH 356 – Science in Art

THE NETHERLANDS. This course involves a survey of 17th-century Dutch history, art history, etc., which links the scientific analysis to the art and culture of the time.

BUS 390 – Green Information Systems

ICELAND. Cultural excursions throughout the country focus on the history, culture, geology, and economy of Iceland to better understand the significance of Iceland's shift to "extreme tech" to attain eco-sustainability.

Chinese Language – Supervised Study Abroad

CHINA: Chinese language and culture study for 4/6 weeks. The program is based in Shanghai, where students will learn the language in the morning and engage in various cultural activities in the afternoon. There’s a culture tour around the country during the last week.

CLASS 288 – Rome: The Eternal City

ITALY: Grow familiar with the broad outlines of Roman history, the topography of ancient Rome, important archaeological sites in Naples, Herculaneum, Cumae, Misenum, and Pompeii, and features of the modern Roman city and Italian culture that have permitted so much of ancient Rome to survive to the present

GERM/BUS 392 – Layered Berlin

GERMANY. A literary-historical analysis of the many layers in Berlin’s rich history from 1848 to the present day coupled with an introduction to international business in the European Union with a focus on socially responsible businesses in Berlin.

Math/ART 185 – History of Ideas

NETHERLANDS & UK. Explore how some of the greatest mathematical ideas had parallel developments in the world of art, all told through a narrative of culture and the history of ideas