ECON 288/ FREN 285 – Exploring European Policy, Business, and Culture

Four credits; EXP
Three weeks in France and The United Kingdom, one week on campus 
Professor Linda Hooks and Professor Kristina Roney 

A central premise of the formation of the European Union was that economic interdependence would breed political stability. Both Brexit and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine call this theory into question. This Europe-based course looks at how culture affects the economy, businesses and policies of France and its relationship to the European Union, as well as the UK's decision to withdraw. It will feature visits to French and British businesses, economic policy centers, and cultural sites to allow students to better understand current business conditions and to analyze its opportunities and challenges. The course also develops economic theories to explain the impact of EU macroeconomic policies on the French economy, business culture, and institutions in contrast with the U.K. decision to exit the EU. Finally, the course deepens student understanding of the French language as used in a modern business setting and understanding of current French cultural and political events. The first two weeks of the course are based in Paris, the third in London, with the final week on campus to allow students to synthesize what they have experienced through a final project. For students enrolling in French 285, all work will be performed and submitted in French.

Prerequisite for Econ 288: Econ 100; additional work in Economics preferred. 
Prerequisite for Fren 285: Intermediate-level proficiency (i.e. completion of FDR-FL in French)

Program fee (Paid to W&L): $5,044
Includes programming, room, some meals, fees, and ground transportation.

Additional costs: airfare, books, some meals, cell phone, spending money, COVID-19 testing, passport, and visa fees (if applicable)

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Applications open on October 6th, 2022