CLAS 287 – Landscapes and Monuments of Ancient Greece

Four credits, FDR HA; EXP
One week on campus, three weeks in Greece
Professor Michael Laughy

In this course, students explore the vibrant landscapes and the artistic and archaeological remnants of the ancient Greek world. Our travels take us to sites representative of four different millennia in Greek history: from the Bronze Age cities that date to the Trojan War, to the monuments of Classical Athens and its later Roman period, and to the Venetian-occupied harbor towns of Crete. During our travels, we discuss how these sites exemplify major historical, artistic, and architectural trends in the ancient Greek and larger Mediterranean worlds. The readings, lectures, and site visits are also designed to introduce the students to the influence of the ancient landscape upon the history, art, and architecture of the ancient Greek world. By the end of the course, students will be able to (1) describe important trends and narratives in ancient Greek history; (2) identify key tropes and themes in art and architecture; and (3) interpret a range of material evidence, including pottery, sculpture, inscriptions, and monuments.

Prerequisites: None

Program fee (Paid to W&L): $4,511
Includes programming, airfare, room, a few meals, fees, ground transportation, and transportation to the airport from W&L.

Additional costs: books, most meals, cell phone, spending money, COVID-19 testing, passport, and visa fees (if applicable)

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Applications open on October 6th, 2022