MUS 238 – The Music, Folklore, and Literature of Ireland

Four credits, FDR - HA
Four weeks in Ireland
Professor Chris Dobbins

This course will engage the music, folklore, and literature of Ireland and ways that the creation of these art forms is related to the places in which the art was created. The music, folklore, and literature studied will cover a wide variety of the history of Irish art, and will focus on the importance of place in the written, oral, and aural traditions of the island. Students will study a range of musical compositions, styles, and traditions, alongside the rich body of Irish folklore and folk customs that underlie these musical creations, as well as the rich literature that informs all of these artistic efforts. This course takes place primarily in Dingle, Ireland with field trips to surrounding areas. The course will count towards the music major and will satisfy the HA distribution.

Program fee: $4,547
Includes programming, room, a some meals, fees, ground transportation.

Additional costs: airfare, books, some meals, cell phone, spending money, COVID-19 testing, passport, and visa fees (if applicable) 

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 Applications open October 9th, 2021