GERM/BUS 392 – Layered Berlin German Culture and the Social Market Economy

Four credits
Four weeks in Germany
Professors Paul Youngman & Drew Hess

Layered Germany is a four-week course that offers students a true immersion in German language, culture, and business. In order to give students a complete understanding of contemporary Germany, we integrate a literary-historical analysis of the country's rich history from 1848 to the present day with an introduction to stakeholder-centric business. Through an exciting mix of literary fiction, historical readings and cases, film screenings, along with corporate and cultural site visits, students will gain an understanding of the interdependence between "big C" Culture and business culture. Both the business and language components of the class will be taught at multiple levels so there are no pre-requisites for the course. Priority will be given to current German majors and minors but all are encouraged to apply.

For further details, please contact Prof. Youngman ( or Prof. Hess (

Program fee (paid to W&L): $ 3,947
Includes programming, room, a few meals, fees, ground transportation.

Additional costs:
airfare, books, most meals, cell phone, spending money, COVID-19 testing, and visa fees (if applicable) 

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 Applications open October 9th, 2021