FREN 285 – Contemporary French Society Through Film

Four credits
Four weeks in France
Professors Steve McCormick and Kristina Roney

This course is taught entirely in the southern French city Toulouse and offers an alternative view of France from what many experience in Paris. During the four weeks, students will be introduced to the most important issues in modern French society, including immigration, university life, social justice, and art and culture. The course will use contemporary French cinema as a platform for discussion, debate, and advanced grammar review. Class sessions will be conversation intensive and will review French grammar through cultural and conversational contexts. An integral part of the course will be to connect the issues examined through film with the urban and social fabric of Toulouse. Students will use their French to interact with local residents and to investigate cultural and social issues on site. The ultimate goals of the program are to boost students' confidence in spoken and written french, develop awareness of social issues in contemporary French society, and learn how to function independently abroad. During their stay in Toulouse, students will also be enrolled in an intensive language course taught by a French professor. Students will live with host families and go on four different excursions to other sites and cities in southern France.

Prerequisite: FREN 162, FREN 164, or consent of professor.

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Program fee (paid to W&L):  $3,436
Includes programming, room, most meals, fees, ground transportation.

Additional costs: airfare, books, some meals, cell phone, spending money, COVID-19 testing, and visa fees (if applicable) 

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 Applications open October 9th, 2021