ARTS 223/HIST 210-Paris: History, Image, Myth, Part II

4 credits, FDR-HA
Four weeks in Paris, France
Prof. Christa Bowden (ARTS 223)
Prof. Sarah Horowitz (HIST 210)

In these courses, students will spend four weeks in Paris asking the following questions: how have history and photography aligned to shape Parisian life and Parisian spaces? How can we use photography to observe the city's changing landscape as well as understand its rich past? Indeed, how has photography - the development of which is closely tied to Paris's history - altered the fabric of the city? Topics will include the social and political transformations of the 19th century, the shifting geography of artistic Paris, and contemporary trends such as immigration and gentrification. These courses will be taught in collaboration, creating an interdisciplinary context for students to explore the relationship of photography to the modern history and contemporary issues of Paris. 


Either course meets the HA requirement and counts for EXP credit. ARTS 223 can be used for the Studio Art major or minor, and ARTS 120 Photography I or other previous course work and/or experience in photography is strongly recommended. HIST 210 can be used for the History major.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $4,193

Estimated Additional Expenses: Airfare (estimate $1,300), meals ($2,250), passport, visa (if applicable), inoculations (if applicable), cell phone, and spending money.

For more information, please contact Prof. Bowden at or Prof. Horowitz at