ENGL/REL 387 - Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland

4 credits

4 weeks in the west of Ireland, based in Dingle, Co. Kerry

Professors Marc Conner (English) and Alexandra Brown (Religion)

This program will immerse the student in the literature, religious traditions, history, and culture of Ireland.  The primary focus of the course is on the Irish religious experience as expressed in literature, myth, theology, folklore, art, and religious practice.  The course immerses itself in ancient Ireland and its unique Celtic and early Christian traditions, with readings from early mythology to 20th century poetry.  Readings are coordinated with site visits, which range from prehistoric and Celtic sites to early and medieval Christian sites to modern Irish life. Major topics and authors will include Yeats and Mysticism, St. Brendan's Pilgrimage, Irish Monasticism, Folkore and Myth, Lady Gregory and Visions, Religion in Irish Art, the Blasket Island storytellers, the Mystic Island, Seamus Heaney's poetry of place, and others. The program satisfies the English department learning objectives and meets major requirements for a 300-level English course for Late British distribution; or satisfies the Religion department's Religious Traditions: Christianity requirement, as well as the "Religion and Literature" cluster; and the FDR-HU requirements.  A 3-credit winter term seminar, "Interdepartmental 301:  The Irish World in Literature, Religion, and History," is a required component of the program.

Eligibility Requirements, Prerequisites, Recommended courses, etc.: All participating students MUST take INTR 301: The Irish World in Literature, Religion, and History in the winter 2019 term.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $4,000.  This fee includes accommodation, ground transportation, group meals, and activity fees.

Estimated Other Expenses: Airfare - $850; meals not included in the program fee - $550 (Note: full kitchen facilities in each house); miscellaneous individual expenses - $200; and additional transportation ($150)

For further information, please contact Prof. Conner connerm@wlu.edu or Prof. Brown browna@wlu.edu.