HIST/THTR 227 - Discover Scotland: History and Culture through Theatre

4 credits - FDR HU

One week on campus, three weeks in Scotland

Prof. Michelle Brock and Prof. Jemma Levy

This course travels to Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Highlands to allow students to go beyond the mythologizing and romance to discover Scotland as it has been experienced and performed by the Scottish people. Using Scotland's vibrant and remarkably political theatre scene as our jumping off point, we will study this country's history and culture, examining the powerful intersections of myth and reality that shape Scottish identity past and present. We will pay particular attention to the dichotomies -- Highland and Lowland, urban and rural, separatist and unionist, poor and rich, Protestant and Catholic, and so on -- that make modern Scotland such a fascinating subject of historical and artistic inquiry.

This course fulfills the FDR HU requirement. It satisfies the history department learning objectives and meets major requirements for a 200-level European or elective course. This class will also fulfill the Theatre major or minor requirements as an elective.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $3,525. This fee includes accommodation, other transportation, all meals, books and academic supplies and activity fees.

Estimated Other Expenses: Airfare - $950; miscellaneous individual expenses - $200.

For more information, contact Prof. Brock at brockm@wlu.edu or Prof. Levy at levyj@wlu.edu.