Spring Term Abroad 2017 List of Courses

BUS 390B: Leadership and Cross-Cultural Management

British Virgin and Leeward Islands. This course focuses on developing both leadership and cross-cultural management skills through immersing students in an intensive, leadership rich, and culturally diverse environment.

BUS 391: Corporate Social Responsibility Practicum

DENMARK. This is a project-based course that further explores the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability as practiced in Denmark, regarded as one of the most progressive economies.

ECON 259: The Environment and Economic Development in Amazonas

BRAZIL. This course examines the importance of the forest for economic development in both the formal and informal sectors of the economy, and how policies can be developed to promote both environmental protection and an increase in the quality life in both the urban and rural areas of Amazonas.

ENGN 125: Engineering Marvels

ENGLAND. Investigation of technical engineering concepts, the evolution of engineering, and the historical and cultural significance of engineering through the study of ancient and modern engineering marvels around the world.

THTR 204: Swedish Theater

SWEDEN. This course provides students the opportunity to develop a method for critically analyzing a theatrical production with an emphasis on the extent to which the Swedish cultural and social context impacts the production.