JOUR295: Global Media and Communication: A South Africa Perspective South Africa

JOUR 295 (4 credits)

Global Media and Communication: A South Africa Perspective

1 week on campus, 3 weeks in South Africa

Professors Dayo Abah and Toni Locy

As one of the world's youngest democracies, post-apartheid South Africa faces enormous challenges as its people and leaders grapple with ethnic, religious and language differences, struggle with an influx of immigrants, and cope with disillusioned young people who can't find jobs in the nation's fragile economy. This course will immerse students in a country with stark contrasts in its politics, its long history of oppression, and its people's persistent hope for the future.

The course is based in Johannesburg, but students also will spend a weekend in Cape Town, visiting Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. The goal of the course is for students to explore South Africa's culture by selecting one of two approaches: Journalism or strategic communications. Students on the journalism track will report and produce multimedia stories about various aspects of life today in South Africa. Students who choose the strategic communications track will work with non-governmental community organizations, assisting them in refining and spreading their messages. Non-majors are welcome, with instructor consent. Students on both tracks will work with digital tools, choosing the most effective ways to tell compelling narratives to raise awareness about issues ranging from social justice and education to crime prevention and health care. Students must complete a two-credit course in Winter 2016 in preparation for the STA JOUR 295.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $5,635. This includes international and domestic airfare, lodging, all breakfasts, most lunches, transportation and tours.

Estimated Other Expenses: $500 pocket money.

For further details, please contact Professor Abah at or Professor Locy at