DANC 202: Dance Europe England

DANC 202 (4 credits)

Dance Europe

1 week on campus, 3 weeks in England

Professor Jenefer Davies

Contemporary modern dance is an art form that explores questions about the body, identity and globalization. The globalization of dance leads to cultural interchange and critical thinking about our place in a larger society.

This class will travel to the center of European dance: London, England. We will visit large, historical theatres as well as the cutting edge pop up spaces. We will see performances by European national dance companies, work by artists who have adopted the country as their home and artists from other European countries who are on tour in London. We will explore contemporary aesthetics of particular regions, how culture influences movement choices and ways in which adoptive countries adapt to new forms of expression. We will spend time in the dance reserves of the British Library, take master classes from professional dancers in London, explore vertical aerial dance in Liverpool and immerse ourselves in European modern dance.

Pre-requisite: 2-credit preparation course in winter term 2016 and instructor consent. No dance experience is required, just passion, curiosity and an adventurous spirit. FDR (HA).

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $4,375. This includes accommodation, ground transportation, tickets to performances, master classes and some group meals.

Estimated Other Expenses: Airfare - $1,500; meals - $600

For further details, please contact Professor Davies at daviesj@wlu.edu.