SPAN 312: Medieval Cultures of Spain in Context Spain

SPAN 312 (4 credits)
4 weeks in Seville, Spain
Professor Matthew Bailey

This course takes place in Seville, Spain, where we will be perfectly situated to explore the co-existence of Muslims, Jews, and Christians on the Iberian Peninsula, based on an examination of the texts (literary, historical, religious, and philosophical), art, and architecture from the period prior to the arrival of the Arabs in 711, up to and beyond the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. From this exploration of their co-existence we expect to gain significant insight into how they saw themselves and how they understood and influenced each other. The course will also be conducted as a program of study at the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies (, and as such students will have full access to their facilities and programming, including a home-stay with a Spanish family, and visits to significant cultural sites in and around Seville, Granada, Cordoba, and Madrid.

Prerequisite: One 200-level Spanish course and instructor consent.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $3,200. This fee includes room and board in a home, including laundry, lodging and full board for orientation night at hotel in Seville, lodging and full board for overnight study trips in Toledo and Granada, ground transportation for all included study trips, excursions and visits, including airport arrival and departure transfers, high-speed internet access and computer support in the Center's facility.

Estimated Additional Expenses: Airfare ($1,200); expenses related to personal entertainment, non-program transportation expenses ($800).

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