BUS 180: International Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Denmark

BUS 180 (4 credits)
2 weeks in Denmark, 2 on campus
Professor Robert Straughan and Professor Elizabeth Oliver

The class examines the debate regarding the roles of business, government, not-for-profits, and individual members of society in balancing the economic and social consequences of commercial business activities. This topic is especially relevant in light of a range of recent events including environmental catastrophes, the global economic crisis, and corporate scandals.

Students look at a range of businesses and industries, both in the US and Denmark, to compare and contrast what firms are (and are not) doing to simultaneously maximize both traditional business outcomes and social impact. While in Denmark considered to be one of the most progressive countries in terms of sustainable business, students will visit several firms for first-hand conversations with managers about the challenges of leading sustainable businesses. Tentative visits include a pharmaceutical firm, health care equipment firm, beverage firm, and professional services firm. Additional cultural trips will be included as well.

The course is a first-year seminar, requiring no prerequisites, though ACCT 201 is recommended. The course will not satisfy any major requirements.

Program Fee (tentative, paid to W&L): $2,600. This fee includes lodging, ground transportation for class activities, some meals, access to classrooms/PC labs.

Estimated Additional Expenses: Airfare - $900-$1,200; personal spending money - $500.

For more information, please contact Prof. Straughan at straughanr@wlu.edu or Prof. Oliver at olivere@wlu.edu.