GEOL 105: Earth Labs - Coral Reefs - Past, Present and Future Belize

GEOL 105

4 Credits - FDR SL

10 Days in Belize

Professor Lisa Greer

This course explores the geology, chemistry, biology, and ecology of coral reefs and associated carbonate systems. Topics include identification of key reef organisms and microhabitats, understanding reef ecosystem dynamics in space and time, the physical/geological controls on reef formation, and current threats to coral reef health. The course will involve approximately 10 days of travel and work in Belize and completion of an independent reef assessment project.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and three credits in Geology.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $ 512. This includes airfare, accommodation and meals, activity costs, supplemental health insurance.

Estimated Additional Costs: Snorkel Gear and Academic Supplies ($300); optional day trip ($250); pocket money ($100).

Contact Prof. Greer for further information.